I’ve had the passion for photography ever since my first Kodak 110 camera in the 70’s. In my early 20’s I  was asked to model for a project with NYC Master Photographer Donald Lane. I did the shoot, but wasted no time telling him I’d much rather be “behind” the camera like him! Thus began our friendship and mentoring, he sent me home with almost every book he had that day. Between Lane answering my endless questions, showing me in studio, having me help him on small shoots, and reading all the books he gave me cover to cover, I filled in all the blanks. Then like all great teachers do, one day he said “Mark there is nothing else for me to show you! It’s time to take all your technical knowledge and find your own style”. Some 25 + years later, I am sharing my style with you today. Capturing your special moments in time, in my own style combined with your vision. I am forever grateful for my mentor, Donald Lane.